Below are some commonly asked questions. If you have a question that we have not covered below, please contact us. We aim to be clear about what we offer at all times.

How do I apply?

Use the form on the right of the website, or contact us directly. lt's free to apply either way.

Is my application confidential?


How quickly can I get the cash once my loan is approved?

The timing of the loan is arranged to suit you, which in the majority of cases is the same day. Once the appointment has taken place we do an immediate on-line bank transfer so the money is in your account the same day as the appointment.

Where do I need to go?

Nowhere. We come out to see you, and are usually able to arrange an appointment within 2 hours of your initial call.

What areas do we cover?

We cover all of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

What do I need?

  • Logbook in your name
  • Certificate of insurance
  • MOT Certificate, if applicable
  • Photographic proof of identity - passport or driving licence.
  • Proof of residence - utility bill.
  • Proof of income - 3 months pay slips or bank statements.

What fees do you charge for setting up the loan?

We do not charge any set up fees when you take out the loan, nor is there any charge for settling early. You may however incur charges if you fail to make your payments on time. Any late payment charges will be clearly set out in the agreement you sign and will be explained to you fully before you take out the agreement.

Can I get a loan if I have an adverse credit record?

Yes. The amount we lend will be determined by the value of your vehicle and your ability to repay the loan.

Do I need to be employed?

You need to show that you receive regular income, whether you are in full time or part time employment, we will consider your application.

Can I get a loan if I am self-employed?


Will you contact my employer?

Not without your prior consent.

How old does my car need to be?

Generally, less than 10 years old, but there are some exceptions so give us a call.

How do I pay?

A standing order authority is signed by you when you take out the loan and the first month's payment is collected one month from the date of the loan and each calendar month thereafter.

Are we in the business of repossessing cars?

No. We make every effort to ensure that you do not enter into an agreement that you cannot realistically afford.

However, our loan to you is based upon your vehicle acting as security for the loan, by way of Bill of Sale, and if we believe that you do not have a true desire, or ability, to maintain the terms of the loan agreement, we have the right to repossess your vehicle in order to repay the debt owed to us.

Can I settle early?

All customers have the right to settle their loan at any time. There are no charges for settling early and depending on how early you settle, you could be entitled to a rebate. You can contact us at any time to request a settlement figure.

If you hold onto my logbook, how do I tax the car during the loan term?

When your car tax is due to expire, a reminder notice will be sent to you from the DVLA. This reminder can be used to tax the car or you can use the reference from your logbook to purchase a new license on-line. If you have a loan with us already and need your reference number from your log book (V5) please us on 01625 860 555 or email info@easylogbookloans.tv

What happens if I struggle to make payments?

If you fall into arrears, the most important thing you can do is keep in contact with us. Easylogbookloans.tv do everything possible to work with their customers if they fall on hard times. You should be aware however that a logbook loan is secured against your vehicle and if you are unable to make payment or agree alternative measures, your vehicle will be at risk of recovery and we might also consider taking legal action against you, which could affect your credit rating.

Will taking out a logbook loan affect my credit rating?

We do not conduct any credit checks when you apply for a loan so applying and taking out the loan will have no effect whatsoever on your credit rating. However, if you fail to make payment and we decide to take legal action against you, that could result in a CCJ be recorded against your name, which will impact on your credit rating.

Are you regulated?

Yes, we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Reg. No. 689980).

How do I complain?

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and we have strict policies in place to ensure we treat all of our customers fairly and responsibly.

Are you registered with the Information Commissioners Office?

Yes, Our Data Protection act registration number is: Z2660515